Every deci­sion we make has con­se­quence, whether it is good, bad or indif­fer­ent. The impor­tance of the land­scapes we live in is most rel­e­vant to the result­ing con­di­tion of our lives. I have moved across the coun­try and back with lit­tle pri­or knowl­edge of this con­se­quen­tial phe­nom­e­non. Through this, I have real­ized that every move, every house and every place has a direct effect on the nar­ra­tive of our lives- most dis­tant from the con­trol we had in choos­ing where we want to be.

With every image, I have includ­ed a jour­nal excerpt from when I was in that place in time. Sift­ing through the emo­tions of my past was a large part of com­plet­ing this series. The tone of each is either euphor­ic or sad, but nev­er dispir­it­ed. The views from our favorite places seem insignif­i­cant until, in ret­ro­spect, we see them as hold­ing the events of our sto­ry. Just like going through old jour­nals, rep­re­sent­ing the hori­zon lines I hold dear brought me to the con­clu­sion that our present state of place is most sig­nif­i­cant to our lives.